Want one?

My Nixie Addiction

want to own one of these?


If you would like to own a nixie tube clock but dont like the idea of building one then I can help.
If you want a completed clock, I can help. If you want something made to fit into your case design, I can help. If you are looking for tubes or advice, I can help.

What I can do


I can source and build the electronics, I can help you source and build your own electronics, I can source or help source various Nixie Tubes. Build time can typically be 1 to 3 weeks depending on parts availability and my time. Delivery is by collection only.

The Nixie tubes are generally vintage devices and whilst they are usually supplied as ‘New Old Stock’ – they have been sitting around in warehouses for decades and as such have no warranty though spares are still generally available.

I cannot fix broken tubes!

Hand made for you

Fear of burnt fingers?

If you like the idea of owning a clock like these but don’t relish the thought of making it yourself then I can do that for you. I can supply everything including Nixie Tubes, spare / replacement tubes (subject to availability), power supplies GPS and NTP time synchronisation modules. Some clocks have several different tube options and costs vary depending on the type chosen.

finishing it off

It’s all about the case

Many people like to build their own cases for completed clocks, if that’s not you then I can provide a number of case options depending on the clock being built. Acrylic cases let you see inside. Stainless Steel cases are bright and shiny. Finned cases made from solid block aluminium.