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A WeMos based creation to drive SP-353 Panaplex displays consisting of three boards that will sandwhich together to make a compact device which is not much larger to look at than the displays themselves.
Following on from this will be a version that supports three SP-353’s for a nine digit device. There may also be versions for the SP-352 Panaplex if there is sufficient demand. 

The design follows on from the SP-101 Panaplex clock and features the same core components: A WeMos Micro Controller, LV and HV Supplies, sensors and detectors, HV5622 shift registers and the SP-353 displays.
Ultimately this will form the basis of a platform that could be used with customised software to connect to the internet, sync NTP time, gather and display any required information that will fit on to 6, 8  or 9 7 segment displays.

Video Clip of work in progress

So far this has been quite a learning curve though things are starting to come together. The various board designs are complete though I am still waiting for updated boards to arrive so they can be tested.

A BOM and construction guide is being prepared, a preliminary version is available on request.

The boards are very similar to the pictures on this page though with a few improvements and a few less blunders.

One ‘improvement’ has been to add a second row of connections between the controller and display board for reliabilty and rigidity. During testing, wth just a single row of pins, the boards required bolting together in order to retain a reliable connection. With the two rowns of pins, it was more robust and could be utilised without the need for additional fixings.

I am planning to offer boards with contsctruction notes and a B.O.M which includes ordering info for most of the parts from mouser.com.

If you  would prefer to purcase a set of parts which includes most of what you need (minus the displays and fixing hardware) then PM me for details.

Click here if you wish to express interest in boards or kits for this project

Controller and power supplies

Shift registers for HV control

Display board for two SP-353 Panaplex displays